DIY Mod Podge Vintage Initial Letters

DIY Mod Podge Vintage Initial Letters

Creating a DIY styled event is simply how I roll. It shows character that sometimes can’t be achieved by your basic pre-made party decor and represents an event style in the best of ways. Handmade rocks because it’s handmade.  When prepping for the besties engagement party we dove into DIY as it’s a huge part of her big day.  I’ve created mod podge initial letters a few times for friends and for myself as home decor so I’ve had a little practice.  These letters where created with a vintage flair (my absolute favorite) to be used at the engagement party, the wedding and then used as home decor for the bride and groom.

DIY mod podge initials

DIY mod podge initals

Because I am a huge fan of the ampersand sign it’s my favorite in this bunch.  The vintage styled cardstock and music note paper totally rocks.  Due to a time crunch I spray painted the ampersand sign gold, it fits in with the other mod podge letters perfectly. This DIY project can take some time but it’s worth it, especially when making it for a friend or adding it to your home.

DIY mod podge vintage initial letters

DIY Mod Podge Vintage Initial Letters

Letters (I used cardboard letters but wood would work great!)
Thick cardstock
Embellishments (I used fabric flowers)
Mod Podge
Brush for applying

Cut strips of cardstock. I cut several different lengths and varieties of patterned cardstock.
Using a brush, apply mod podge on the initials and also on the back of the cardstock.
Place the cardstock on the initial and apply a thin layer of mod podge on top of the paper.
Allow the paper to dry and apply embellishments using a hot glue gun.

This is a slightly messy project so I recommend using an old towel and no stressing when you hands begin to get sticky, wink wink.

DIY mod podge vintage initial letters

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  1. Very pretty! I often just spray paint, but this is inspiring. Would love to do something more complex/more custom. Where did you find the ampersand? I always purchase these letters from Joann Fabrics, but have never seen the “&” there.

  2. Beautiful Melissa! Where did you fine your thick cardboard? And also did you free hand the letters or trace them, I’ve always wanted to do these letters with a lot of projects, just never have….. I guess I need a hands in tutorial ! Lol!!!

    • I bought thick cardboard letters from Hobby Lobby so make sure to check your local craft stores for plain cardboard letters, they come in a few different sizes. Happy crafting, Shelly! :)

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