Celebrating is Underrated

A Fashionable Black and White Celebration

A Fashionable Black and White Celebration

I’m back after a few days away. I needed to heal.  My body didn’t like my Holiday traveling  (best immune system ever) and I’m currently ending my fight with an ear infection and respiratory infection.  Insert the JT’s Cry Me a River.  While on the mend I read a few articles, in between naps of course.  One of the articles I came across spoke of how much emphasis is placed on weddings. I usually ignore the articles everyone over shares on Facebook but the title grabbed my attention and after reading all I could think about was why I started blogging about events, entertaining guests and all that jazz.  You can find the article here

The amount of passion I have for celebrating all of life’s events is enormous, as it should be for me to blog about it for the past few years.  What really made me want to start blogging and try to tackle this massive online world?  It wasn’t weddings, it was the everyday celebration for any and all reasons that got me fired up. There are many events in life that should not only be recognized but celebrated on a grander scale than they usually are.  Of course I agree that weddings and baby showers should be celebrated how you see fit and at whatever level you choose, from a 10 person brunch to a 200 person extravagant formal setting but why omit other moments in life?  College Graduations for example are not always celebrated in the manner that I prefer (please keep in mind this all my personal opinions and I am by no means saying a person is right or wrong with how they choose to celebrate).  Years of schooling, nights of no sleep, sacrificing, high stress levels and giving your all should be recognized a little more than being told congrats on your Facebook wall.

Breaking Dawn Inspired Wedding

Breaking Dawn Inspired Wedding 

I’m a geeky gal and truly “geek out” when my favorite books are made into movies so will I be celebrating? Absolutely! From the big moments to the small moments I feel like many neglect the celebration of achievement, what makes them happy and what makes them tick for that matter. My life would be in shambles without The Hunger Games, Twilight, Doctor Who and Harry Potter to name a few so why wouldn’t I celebrate a movie release or create a drink inspired by one of my faves to sip on with the best of company?

Aside from my views being heighten by this article I still have love for weddings and use to feature weddings from time to time with great page views in return. As much as I like looking at stunning weddings (and so did some of my readers) I felt like I was playing the balancing act of wedding blogger and everyday entertaining blogger.  When it’s your blog you can chat about whatever your heart desires but did I really want to fit weddings into my routine when there’s 289048 wedding blogs out there?  Nope.  I want to put focus on MY WORK.  I’m still on training wheels when using my fancy camera but it’s my work that allows me to showcase my style.  I am able to stand behind my camera and shed a little light on ways to gather your friend and family together to celebrate each others company. Highlighting lavish weddings wasn’t going to help me showcase my work or assist the everyday Sue think outside of the box the next time she has friends over or when a loved one has a monumental moment that should be celebrated.

TMI Movie Release Party

The Mortal Instruments City of Bones Inspired Movie Release Party 

This isn’t me saying I’m getting back to the reason I began this blog it’s me saying let’s remember to celebrate all of life’s moments and do so for a hundred more reasons than you could typically imagine.

Melissa Creates is a place filled with a variety. It’s my passion to showcase traditional and not so traditional entertaining.  From celebrating your favorite book series making it to the big screen to creating tiny displays for ladies nights to those milestone markers in life, we should be having fun and loads of it.  Celebrating isn’t just for weddings and at times celebrating is underrated. Let’s fix this.

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  1. YES! Love this! I think sometimes people think I am crazy for the level of parties that I throw for the kids. They don’t cost a lot and don’t have hundreds of people but they remember them, look forward to them and talk about them all year. This is how I show my love. (Well one of the ways – I hug too. Oh and tell them straight up of course.) It is okay to make a fuss over other things throughout the year too. Great post Melissa!

  2. LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS! It is on MY personal list to focus MORE on life’s little celebrations every day too! (great minds 😉 Life is waaaaaay too short & anything you want that makes you smile should be celebrated!!

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