Fancy Valentine’s Day Brownies

fancy valentine's day brownies

It’s time to chat Valentine’s Day.  We are less than one month away so for those who are all about celebrating this day of love it’s time to get on the recipes, crafts and date planning train.  I like Valentine’s Day because it means bold colors.  We are a boring couple and don’t get all lovey dovey but I try to make a tiny bit of an effort by dressing up the sweets; the sweets are his favorite so that’s what really counts.  Brownies and Oreo’s are top on my guys fave list so naturally I whipped up some fancy Valentine’s Day brownies, I was crazy impressed by their boldness and my guy was just thrilled to eat them.

fancy brownies

Fancy Valentine's Day Brownies DIY

fancy brownies

Fancy Valentine’s Day Brownies

Supplies: Flowers of any sort (paper, fabric, lace), Valentine’s Day straws and a hot glue gun

Simply attach your flowers using a hot glue gun to the top of your straws and stick them in your sweets this Valentine’s Day!  The fabric and lace flower is my favorite but almost any tiny item will work just the same.  If it can be hot glued to straws I would try it.

fancy brownie supplies

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