Easter Pom Pom Garland

Easter Pom Garland

Easter is almost here! Do you have big family gathering plans? We usually have some sort of a family gathering but this year the husband and I will be at a concert… totally different than our traditional plans but it should be fun!

It’s not too late for one more simple Easter inspired craft. This one is a simple craft that doubles as decor, decor that can stick around all Spring! Sorta perfect, right? Instead of keeping my pom pom garland plain I added bows because bows and bow ties are cool. I’m totally going to switch up the colors on this pom pom garland for other holidays.

Find the crafty details below!

easter garland

Easter Pom Pom Bow

pom pom goodies

Easter Pom Pom Garland

Supplies: Pom poms, needle and string

How-to: Thread your string through a needle and tie a knot. Begin pushing pom pom’s through the needle and slide onto the string. Once you have the desired amount of pom poms on your string slide them down allowing for spacing in between. Using ribbon create bows and attach the bows to the ends of your string pom pom garland. Display your new crafty garland proudly!

easter garland

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