Hunger Games Inspired Hair Accessory DIY

hunger games hair

Happy Monday, friends! I hope you had a fabulous Easter with your favorite peeps. I took a trip to Jacksonville to hang with my favorite ladies and then attended a Manchester Orchestra concert at the House of Blues…. it was a super fun filled weekend.

I’m kicking off the week with a Hunger Games inspired hair accessory DIY. I’m not sure a week could be kicked off any better way, right? I picked up a few items during my recent shopping excursions and they are totally district 1 meets district 9. A little over the top for district 1 and arrows with feathers for district 9 (well, really for Katniss). Who else has mad love for HG?

The best part about this DIY is that you don’t have to like Hunger Games or know anything about it to create and wear this hair accessory! Get all the DIY details and view my red hair don’t care pics below, wink. 

Hunger Games hair side view

Hunger Games Hair Close UP

hunger games hair piece

Hunger Games Inspired Hair Accessory DIY

Supplies: Large fluffy pom, arrow jewelry accessory, feathers, hair clip, hot glue gun

How to: Attach your arrow jewelry accessory to your large fluffy pom with hot glue OR string. Place feathers in a variety of spaces within the pom. Attach them by adding a drop of hot glue to the ends to secure their place. Secure your new Hunger Games inspired accessory to a hair clip of your choice. Show off your district 1 meets district 9 hair accessory like a boss!

This DIY is not only easy it’s ridiculously inexpensive. I grabbed the large fluffy pom on the clearance section at Target, it’s intended to be used for gift bags but there’s never rules when it comes to crafting. The ‘fairy tale’ arrow was a Hobby Lobby jewelry section score and I always have loose feathers on hand. 

HG hairpiece supplies

Team Peeta!


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    • Thanks sweet friend! I had a few Facebook messages asking me if I could make this for people/family/friends, such a sweet way to let me know how much they like the idea. xo

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