Pink & Orange Patio Party and Melon Ball Skewers

DIY melon and party pics

I am so excited to be sharing photos from my latest styled photo shoot! Summer entertaining is one of my faves and a bold pink & orange backyard party is something I’ve been wanting to try my hand at for some time. I teamed up with Melinda, Sarah and Carmen for a simple patio party display that’s sure to inspire a gathering or two.

How cute are these tiny balloons by The Flair Exchange?

summer patio party with the ladies

summer patio party with DIY's

I’m so blessed to live by so many talented ladies. When we join forces it’s always a blast.

Melinda was our phenomenal photographer and also created stunning tea cakes, Sarah created super cute invites as well as the centerpieces, Carmen whipped up beautiful and delish cocktails and I made melon ball skewers and brought my favorite striped  fabric to add to the mix.

Make sure to check each blog for more party details throughout the week!

melon ball DIY

This was my first time making melon balls and I really like that they aren’t perfectly round. Taking cantaloupe I cut slices of the fruit and carved out melon balls with a melon ball cutter then applied them to skewers. Of course the skewers needed coordinating ribbon tied on the ends, duh. To make more perfectly round melon balls cut the cantaloupe in half and begin carving out your melon balls instead of using smaller slices of the melon. If you’re like me and prefer the imperfection do it my way. Imperfections are cool.

party decor by Melissa Creates

ladies summer patio party and DIY

A special thank you to my lovely local gals who made this patio party a success! Make sure to watch this super cute video created by The Flair Exchange, she has video makin’ skills.

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  1. Thank you for sharing the video! This party looks like so much fun and perfect for the summer. I love all the bright colors! My daughter loves melons. I bet she would love having them on a skewer. Thanks for sharing!

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