Yarn and Flower Wall Decor DIY

yarn and flower decor by Melissa Creates

I started this little project weeks ago, set it down on my desk and didn’t pick it back up for a while. Shameful crafty project, right? The great news is that it’s complete and I heart it. Simple projects and ones that take 10 minutes are my typical go-to ones. This project took longer than 10 minutes partly due to my procrastination but was worth it.

My home decor consists of neutral tones, soft blues and pops of coral to balance it out. These colors fit my home like a glove. Adding in flowers to the yarn display was a last minute idea and it represents me perfectly!  Grab the yarn DIY details below.

yarn flower decor

yarn and flower wall decor

Yarn and Flower Wall Decor DIY

Items to grab: yarn, scissors, wood dowel, fabric or paper flowers, glue gun

Cut strands of the yarn making sure they are long in length. The length can be adjusted to your liking when you’re done. I attached the yarn in rows of 4. Fold a piece of cut yarn in half, hang it over the top of the dowel and create a loop. Pull the yarn pieces through the loop and tie off. Continue this pattern multiple times until you’ve reached a desired length of tied off yarn. Hot glue flowers to the yarn and hang with push pins.

yarn and flower decor DIY by Melissa Creates

yarn project

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