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DIY Ornaments- Day 19

I’m so excited to have one of my closest online friends here today, Cineca from Dreamin’ N Details, sharing an adorable DIY project.

This year, I decided I would take on the challenge of making ALL of our Christmas gifts myself (except for the munchkin’s presents from Santa)
Of course, my first stop was PINTEREST. I found so many adorable ideas there! Im very excited to share one of my favorite projects with the Truly Chic readers!
{DIY Santa’s Belt Ornaments}

These are the easiest homemade ornaments EVER!
All you need is:
Clear Craft Ornaments
Red Filler (I used gift confetti)
A Glue Stick
Silver or Gold Glitter (for the buckel)
Strips of Black Felt (long enough to wrap around the ornament)

Simply remove the ornament topper, stuff with your filler, glue the felt around ‘Santa’s belly’ and draw on the belt buckle with the glitter…and WAH-LAH!! 

I love how they turned out!

Merry Christmas xoxo~Cineca