Getting Inspired for Spring Entertaining

spring entertaining

Hey, friends. I’m enjoying cuddle time with my little man and can’t get enough of him! I hope you’re enjoying the fabulous guest posts from my favorite bloggers while I take some time off. Head to Instagram to see pics of our little miracle… I’m trying hard not to over share all of his cuteness.

In partnership with Glade, it’s time to start getting inspired for spring entertaining!

Entertaining guests and dressing the house according to the season is something that many find to be an effortless task while others need a little boost of inspiration to get into the groove.

glade spring entertaining

i'm famous on my blog coffee mug

From books to scents to seasonal coffee I’m all about embracing the season at hand.

Spring entertaining comes in all forms. Entertaining guests at Easter, welcoming house guests and spring tea parties all require a little sprucing up in the home decor department. To add a little spring inspired pizzaz, I dressed up the coffee table with books that  are sure to inspire soirees perfect for spring, a new fancy coffee mug, cheerful flowers, a fun plate and the new Glade spring scent Poppy Groove. The Poppy Groove Glade scent is perfect for getting the spring inspired juices flowing!

glade candle 2

With a freshly spruced up coffee table display I’m ready to start planning spring inspired soiree’s and greeting guests with scents of the season! I’m totally my most playful when I surround myself with cheerful items that get the party planning juices flowing. How do you plan on prepping for spring? Any area of your house you’ll be dressing up? When are you most playful? Any spring inspired soiree’s in the works?

Be sure to head over to Glade’s Pinterest page for all sorts of inspiration ranging from DIY projects to stylish home displays and more!

Disclosure: This is a sponsored discussion provided by Glade, all opinions are my own. I appreciate your support for brands that help make this blog happen. 

DIY Fabric Drink Charms

While I take maternity leave I’m blessed to have some of my favorite ladies guest post. Enjoy this hip and crafty post from Sharon of Cupcakes and Cutlery.

I am delighted to be here sharing a simple DIY with you today! Especially since that means that my dear friend, Melissa, is on maternity leave! She is going to be the best mom ever! I can’t wait to her adorable little guy! Thanks for having me, Melissa!

Easy drink marker DIY with fabric and mini clothespins.Drink charms are a super fun way to mark your drink and add a little extra fun to a party atmosphere. For those of you who don’t know me, I like to keep things super simple but infuse as much personal style as possible. These mini clothes pin drink markers couldn’t be easier to make. The fabrics you pick can match the rest of the party decor exactly or be picked to match each guest’s personality. It is a little detail that not only let’s a guests know where they set their drink, but also gives them a little extra flair for their beverage.

Easy fabric drink marker DIY.I love using fabric in my DIY’s because there are SO many different patterns and prints to choose from. To keep the fabric from being to flimsy, I often pair it with Phoomph. It is self adhesive and fairly rigid (comes in two thicknesses and several colors) so it is perfect for crafting with. All you do is remove the backing and smooth on whatever fabric you are working with. Do the same thing on the other side and you are ready to go! It isn’t so tacky that if you make a mistake you will be stuck with it. But it’s strong enough to not fall apart during the party. Other than Phoomph, you just need mini wooden clothespins, scissors, and hot glue.

Easy drink marker DIY with fabric and mini clothespins.I cut the Phoomph’d fabric in to smaller squares so it’s easier to manage.

Easy drink marker DIY with fabric and mini clothespins.Then I just began cutting different shapes and letters. Get as creative as you want or stick with initials. The possibilities are endless! If you chose a solid color fabric, you could probably even write a full name on the marker if you wanted to.

Mini Clothespin Drink Marker DIYOnce your shapes are all cut out, use a hot glue gun to attach them to the mini clothespins.

Fun party idea! Fabric drink markers. That’s it. Easy as pie. I love pie. And because you put fabric on both sides of the Phoomph, the back side of this project is even cute.

Easy DIY for fabric drink markers. These drink markers took only a few minutes to make and look adorable on a refreshing cocktail. Hands off, that leopard heart is mine.

I hope you’ll make these for your next party! These would even be super cute to make for holidays for your kids!

Thank you for having me, Melissa! I adore you from head to toe and am honored that you would have me on your blog! Now go kiss that little baby’s head for me!

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How To Create An Inspiration Palette

While I take maternity leave I’m blessed to have some of my favorite ladies guest post. Enjoy this inspirational post from Mayra of In Flight.

how to create an inspiration board source: succulent letterprehistoric planterswatercolorDIY succulent centerpiececake standsucculents

Hi! My name is Mayra from In Flight and today as a guest here in Melissa Creates I’d like to share how I create a palette of colors and textures to inspire me for anything from a party to home décor.  I usually run into an item I like either shopping or online and it completely inspires me to create an entire array of mix and matches from just that.

cake stand that inspires

In this case we’re taking for example a cake stand, this one is from Shop Sweet Lulu and I love the light mint green color on it. The lighter shades of green remind me of succulents and the look of succulents remind me of something fresh and light with a clean look.

inspiring palette images

That takes me to want to add white to my palette.  With a lovely and fresh looking cake perfect for party or wedding and potted plants for the home.

inspiring images

Now we have a mint, soft greens and white palette that will be beautiful on a party or to use in home décor.

how to create an inspiration board source: cake and cupcakeescort cardcake standsucculentsbouquet

Finally to add a little statement, we can add a more bright color to it and my go to color for this is usually yellow. Is a creative and happy color.  I use it at home myself mixed in with greens and blues.  It yells out ‘sunshine’!

how to create an inspiration boardsource: DIY plant hanger

You can find me sharing some home décor every once in a while and especially party related posts on my instagram as InFlightIdeas.

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Washi Tape Wine Labels

While I take maternity leave I’m blessed to have some of my favorite ladies guest post. Enjoy this simple & crafty post from Jackie of Jackie Fogartie Events.
wine labels DIY

Hey there Melissa Creates peeps! I’m Jackie Fo, a wedding/event planner and blogger who is stepping in while Melissa takes care of her sweet little bambino! I’m a huge Melissa Creates fan and am ridiculously thrilled to be here!

Today I’ve got a life-changing party trick. That’s right, life-changing. I’m not dramatic at all! I think we all love wine, yes? But we all hit the dislike button when we lose our wine glass or realize we’re drinking out of someone else’s by mistake!


Using Washi Tape (decorative tape found at any and all craft stores) and a Sharpie marker, I’ve got your wine drinking mishaps solved in under 30 seconds!

Tear off a strip of Washi Tape, write your name on the tape and stick it on your glass. Voila – handmade wine labels without breaking a sweat.

They come off super easy so you can wash the glasses no problems. Make it even easier for your party guests by prepping the labels on the glasses beforehand!

washi tape wine label materials

wine labels_

I decided to have a virtual glass of my current favorite red (Josh Pinot Noir) with Melissa since I’ve never met her in person. Cue sad face. So here’s a cheers to Melissa, her new addition and one day in the future when we can actually share a glass of vino in person!

wine labels with text

For more recipes and party tips, head to my blog!

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3 Infused Water Recipes

3 infused water recipes by Melissa Creates

Lucky for us here in Florida the weather has been gorgeous with very limited cold days. I know my northern friends are rolling their eyes. Although the weather is ideal here in Florida the husband and I are still craving some time in the Caribbean- our favorite place and we’re overdue for a visit.

To get us all in the spring spirit I’ve whipped up 3 infused water recipes. Fancy sips are totally my favorite. Anything that has a garnish, served in a fancy glass and has vibrant colors is a must try, right?

3 infused water recipes

Up first is a bold infused water sip with ingredients that are well known to help suppress an appetite. Not sure I’ll ever be able to say goodbye to donuts, but I’ll take a glass of appetite suppressant goodness anytime!

Ingredients: cucumber, lemon and lime slices. Allow the mixture to refrigerate for a few hours and serve on ice.

3 infused water recipes

Now for a slightly more tangy infused water sip. This sip has ingredients well known to boost your immune system. I could add lemon to almost anything and if I feel a bug coming on I quickly dash for anything orange related. I’ll try to add this infused water recipe in my daily life a little more regularly.

Ingredients: lemon, orange and lime slices (slightly heavier on the oranges). Allow the mixture to refrigerate for a few hours and serve on ice.

3 infused water recipes

This infused water recipe is a totally new one for me. I get headaches regularly and typically go straight for coffee to solve the issue. I’ve also never worked with fresh mint before, but now I’ll be looking for mint recipes on the web!

Ingredients: Mint and lime slices (light on the mint leaves). Allow the mixture to refrigerate for a few hours and serve on ice.

3 infused water recipes by Melissa Creates

Enjoy these 3 infused water recipes as we all wish for warmer weather. You can make your way to Florida and I’ll head down to Jamaica. Deal?

3 infused water recipes

Berry Trifle for Two

While I take maternity leave I’m blessed to have some of my favorite ladies guest post. Enjoy this “sweet” post from Nichole of Casa de Crews

Berry Trifle for Two

Hi friends! I’m Nichole of Casa de Crews. I’m sharing a super easy Berry Trifle (for two!) for Valentine’s Day. I’m excited to be a guest on Melissa Creates, because we all know that means little Lincoln is on his way. I have some strong baby fever these days, and I cannot wait for what I know will be some adorable baby photos!

To me, there’s no reason to make Valentine’s Day a complicated “event” (though I do love a good par-tay. I digress), and you can easily show anyone you care with my Berry Trifle. A traditional trifle calls for pound cake, whipped cream, and berries. But since Vday falls on a Saturday this year, I think it’d be super fun to replace the sweet whipped cream with Greek Yogurt instead and turn this dessert into a breakfast in bed! Because I mean on holidays the calories from the cake won’t count…right?!

Berry Trifle for Two

Berry Trifle For Two

1 cup, plain Greek Yogurt
1 cup diced pound cake (or other cake of your choice)
1 cup strawberries, quartered
1/2 cup blueberries

Pour 1/2 cup Greek Yogurt into each glass, layering with cake, strawberries and blueberries.
Serve immediately.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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