Summer Entertaining Essentials + Linen and Boxwoods Giveaway

entertaining essentials by Melissa Creates

Happy Tuesday, friends! I hope you enjoyed your Memorial Day weekend. We spent a little time outdoors and a lot of time indoors catching up on things. I wasn’t ready for Tuesday to arrive; I needed another day of playing catch up.

Tomorrow the Shop Melissa Creates giveaway ends. Have you entered? Take my 5 question survey to enter to win a coffee mug of your choice! When one giveaway is coming to its end another one begins…

I’ve teamed up with my friends over at Linen and Boxwoods to chat about summer entertaining essentials and offer one lucky reader a $100 shopping credit to! With summer making its debut this is the perfect time to put your entertaining essentials order in and get ready for your first soiree of the season.

entertaining essentials serving dish

summer entertaining essentials + linen and boxwoods giveaway

Summer entertaining is fun mostly because it’s easy. From BBQ’s to poolside gatherings to outdoor dinner parties entertaining in the warm months doesn’t require much work because the surroundings do all the hard work for us. Living in Florida our summer views consist of the beach, palm trees and some amazing gardens- totally perfect party backdrops. Not to brag, but I heart where we live.

Although the beauty of outdoors takes care of the majority of the work grabbing a few new items is always a clever idea for summer soirees. There’s always a reason to shop, right? Below you’ll find details about these 4 items ideal for summer entertaining and giveaway details!

entertaining essentials cloth napkins

Venezia Tri Server– This large and gorgeous white serving platter is perfection. With three separated spaces this platter can easily serve a variety of colorful fruit this summer making it a must have summer entertaining item! Did I mention it’s gorgeous?

Pompom Napkin– Recently I developed a love for cloth napkins, even if I only purchase one of a specific cloth napkins it make such an impact it’s worth the solo purchase. These cloth napkins are so awesome I recommend purchasing a handful of them.

Marble and Wood Cutting Board Set– Cutting boards aren’t just items to use in the kitchen then put away, they’re ideal for food spreads! This marble cutting board is by far my favorite of cutting boards and will look pretty fabulous with fruit and brie displayed on it.

Aluminum Beaded Serving Set– These beaded serving ware pieces are simply too cool! They are much bigger in person than I imagined, but I love that about them. These bad boys are ideal for family dinners and fun summer gatherings.

summer entertaining essentials by Melissa Creates

Linen and Boxwoods

Giveaway winner announced Wednesday May 3rd and will be contacted via email. Good luck, friends!

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5 Supplies Required to Become an Orgnaized Blogger

5 supplies required to become an organized blogger

Being organized is something that comes naturally for me. A cluttered mess, a blank planner and not up to par supplies make me cringe. Is it not the greatest feeling seeing a full schedule marked in your planner and office supplies that do the job right always on hand? This might sound odd to some but pretty items that keep me in line and Amazon Prime puts a smile on my face.

You might be just as nit-picky as myself or not so much, either way here’s a list of my favorite supplies that keep me organized and on point for all things Melissa Creates and my personal life too. Order these items and make things easier, friends. wink.

  • The ultra fine point sharpies rock my world. I go through them like hot cakes. I simply can’t function without these little guys in my life. They take the chore out of note taking and list making.
  • A planner is a requirement for staying organized. You find my customized planner here. I’ve tried many planners and this one has shown to be the best for me and my planning style.
  • Pretty file folders like these beauties are a must have. I file everything! Say bye, Felicia to your paperwork disarray.
  • Desk supplies. Keep the basics on hand at all times- stapler, white out, scissors (these are my fave fave and cut like a boss) and tape.
  • Amazon Prime. Oh my goodness Amazon Prime is the best thing ever! I don’t think I can manage without the convenience of it. Getting much needed items at my door in 2 days is the best. If you don’t have a membership- Try Amazon Prime 30-Days for Free. Click the link, sign up for free and get hooked, friends.

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Survey and Shop Melissa Creates Giveaway

survey and shop melissa creates giveaway

I heart my readers aka friends! To make sure I’m giving you the proper doses of all things Melissa Creates I created a short 5 question survey. I would love it if you took a minute to give me your feedback! What’s in it for you? The chance to win a Shop Melissa Creates coffee mug of your choice! (insert cheers and applause)

There’s a few topics I cover regularly on the blog and a few that make an appearance from time to time. I will always stay true to sharing party displays as that is the core of Melissa Creates, but there’s always room for some fun chit-chat blog posts.

After you complete the survey leave a comment letting me know something fun about yourself or your blog link and you’re entered to win a shop coffee mug of your choice! Winner will be selected by random on Wednesday May 27th. (Open to US residents only). **CONGRATS to Kendra G, you’re the lucky winner! Please send an email to to claim your prize. Can’t wait to hear which mug you choose!**

Create your own user feedback survey

Head here to take the survey if the box above is not showing up.

Free Printable: Messy Hair + Donuts + Coffee

messy hair + donuts + coffee

Donuts are my favorite.

Coffee is my absolute favorite.

I rock some messy hair like nobody’s business; not the really pretty messy hair look I’m talking about the legit messy hair look.

In honor of my faves I teamed up with my gal Michele to create a fun free printable! You can see our first collab here. You’ll want this sign displayed in your casa asap.

free printable: messy hair + donuts + coffee

This is the work from home I have a baby messy hair look. I am certain I am not the only one sporting this do so this free printable was designed for you. Embrace the messy hair, girlfriend because you totally have it going on. The messy hair look means you’re working hard, right?

Breakfast food is my all time favorite of all foods and donuts are the best invention ever. I’ve always enjoyed a donut or two occasionally, but during my pregnancy I hopped on the donut bandwagon and have no intentions on falling off. At one point I thought I needed a donut intervention, but that’s just ridiculous.

coffee and donuts with melissa creates

Here’s to embracing the messy hair and your love for donuts and coffee!

Grab the I’m famous on my blog mug (because it belongs in your office) and download the free printable found on Michele’s site to display in your office or kitchen.

free printable and coffee mug by melissa creates

Simple Hostess Attire + 1 Free Month of Rocksbox

Simple Hostess Attire + 1 Free Month of Rocksbox

I’m a simple gal, I’m a simple gal who likes to accessorize. Jeans, cotton dresses and leggings are my go-to clothing items. When I worked in the marketing world I rocked heels and fancy clothes daily. Occasionally you’ll spot me in more ‘fancy’ attire. Now that I’m a work at home mom I get to rock my comfy preferred style regularly. When I leave home for a coffee date, running errands and most importantly when I’m playing the role of hostess with the mostess I dress up my simple attire by accessorizing. There’s no outfit a piece of jewelry can’t handle.

I’ve teamed up with my friends at Rocksbox chat about my hostess style and offer 1 month free to you! Lucky, you.

Simple Hostess Attire + 1 Free Month of Rocksbox

My first Rocksbox arrived with 3 necklaces. Your box can be personalized and come with a variety of options including bracelets and earrings. This gold necklace with blue stones was the perfect subtle accessory. The thick chain is all sorts of cool, right? This blue flowy top is my new fave, btw.

The second necklace is a much bolder piece and something I would totally rock as party hostess. It has a bit of a rocker flair to it too! It would also be a perfect piece to add on before heading out to a dinner party.

Simple Hostess Attire + 1 Free Month of Rocksbox

Simple Hostess Attire + 1 Free Month of Rocksbox

The last piece was a silver delicate necklace and was my fave. This necklace would be something I would wear daily and something my party guests would expect to see me in. Totally my style. The shape is unique and I heart that.

I’m ready for my second box to see what items I’ll be wearing! What’s your party hostess style? Is it different than your daily style?

Simple Hostess Attire + 1 Free Month of Rocksbox

So now that I have you all kinds of accessory antsy here’s how Rocksbox works:

  • Take a style survey and choose your wish list pieces
  • You receive 3 pieces to rock on a loaner basis
  • Return your 3 pieces whenever you want to receive 3 new pieces to rock

Use code melissaccreatesxoxo for 1 month free of Rocksbox! Have fun picking out your style and trying new pieces. Can’t wait to hear all about it. Just as a friendly FYI you may be charged a fee to confirm your credit card is valid, using the melissaccreatesxoxo code will give you a full refund. 

Simple Hostess Attire + 1 Free Month of Rocksbox

Oh Baby / WAHM Best Job Ever

WAHM Best Job Ever

Lincoln is now 3 months old. Whoa. You can spot photos of that handsome dude on my Instagram. I tend to over share his cuteness. I took a 1 month maternity leave and then jumped into my WAHM (work at home mom) role. I’m blessed to have a husband and baby daddy that takes over ‘baby duties’ during the evenings and some weekends for me to get my Melissa Creates and Blog Fete work on. I’m still adjusting to my new role, but being a WAHM is the best job ever. 

My new role didn’t start as I expected. We spent 9 days in NICU with our little miracle. The plan was to work from home for 2 companies, Melissa Creates and remotely for a local company as a marketing rep. Once we finally made it home I knew the marketing position was not going to fit. Could we have used the reliable income? Absolutely! Was it best for my family? No. I quickly learned that being a WAHM requires multiple adjustments. Working at home and for myself is a blessing, but with that said I have one tough boss (I am so hard on myself). 

My mind has multiple tabs open at all times, so it’s hard for me to sit still and not fit in work duties. Most of my work is time sensitive, but I’m learning to limit specific opportunities. I get asked often, how do you do it all? The answer- I have no idea, I just keep rolling. Everyday I’m hustlin’ plays in my head often. As I write this I’m stopping every other sentence to sing Disney songs to Lincoln. You have to roll with the day. 

I get asked often what I learned those first few weeks of motherhood. I received a ton of advice, mostly unsolicited of course, and I would have to say what I quickly learned as a new mom is that what works for others doesn’t work for all. Mom truly knows best. What works for one baby might not work for another and in all honesty what worked yesterday might not work today. Being a Mom is all kinds of fabulous and filled with learning curves. I’m enjoying the ride, baby meltdowns and all. Well, maybe the meltdowns aren’t that enjoyable, wink.

Everyday presents a new opportunity, a new mommy moment, overwhelming work for yourself moments and blessings I never imagined. 

Thank you Melissa Creates friends for supporting the blog, shop and conference. Being a WAHM is the very best.

For more #mother stories and one fabulous support system visit Mother Manifesto.