Wedding Anniversary Love

wedding anniversary love

Today I celebrate 7 years of marriage with this guy.

We recently had our holiday photos taken by my sweet friend Heather Anne Naples and this is one of my favorites. More on the holiday shoot coming soon. Taking photos and trying to pose can be awkward. When Heather said look at each other and talk like you normally do this photo happened.

I sorta heart this man. He’s the Melissa Creates IT guy, the Melissa Creates photographer from time to time, one perfect husband and soon to be phenomenal dad.

Happy anniversary to my high school sweetheart. I’m a lucky gal to have you by my side for the past 12 years. Here’s to a lifetime of anniversary celebrations!

Oh Baby / Stocking The Nursery

bump update

This second trimester is flying! It feels good to be pass the oh I’m so sick phase and have little bursts of energy. Now that we are 16 weeks until baby we’ve started our registry and began stocking the nursery. With this being our first baby (fingers crossed for lots more, wink) we are learning so much about baby products and what must-haves items we need to start grabbing.

The nursery is no longer empty, yay! We have the following in his nursery so far:  Continue reading

Halloween Pom Pom Garland DIY

halloween pumpkins and garland

Well hello there again, simple Halloween DIY.

Pom pom garland is the easiest to create and can be used multiple ways multiple times. I had this garland hanging in the entry way then decided to drape them over my glittered pumpkins. A simple and fun way to dress up your fancy pumpkins! Grab the how-to details below.

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Melissa Creates Home Office Space

melissa creates office

I am so very excited about today’s post! I’m sharing the Melissa Creates home office space with y’all! Now you get a glimpse of where Melissa actually creates. Just one month ago we moved into our new home to make room for baby. One of the first rooms we set up was my office. The nursery is in the works and there will be a reveal and multiple sneak peeks. I can’t function without being in a space where everything is placed exactly where it belongs. Totally type A personality happening over.

I’ve teamed up with my friends at Wayfair for this home office reveal. Make sure to check out all my home office details below and where I store and find all my office goodies!

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Oh Baby / Week 23

oh baby / week 23

Oh Baby / Week 23

We made a visit to Harry Potter World and Diagon Alley this week. We always have a great time when we make Harry Potter visits. I was nervous about going pregnant, but it was totally fine and a good work out for me and baby! I also got to ride the train from Hosgmeade to Diagon Alley. Pregnancy theme park score! Fellow fans, grab your Hogsmeade and Weasley coffee mugs, cell cases and notepads here.

  • Craving: Fruit and fruit and fruit. I totally eat junk food too, but I can not get enough fresh cold fruit
  • Symptoms: Back and side aches. My little guy is a mover! I’ve had to ask him to calm down a few times.
  • Sleeping: In bed by 9pm and up by 6am. I sleep on my side and have lots of potty breaks.
  • Wearing: A mix of maternity clothes and my regular clothes. Thank you, belly band!
  • Feeling: Blessed, tired and hungry.  The first trimester was very rough, but I honestly feel good!

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Fabric Wrapped Halloween Wreath

Fabric Wrapped Wreath by Melissa Creates

I’m back with another Halloween project, friends! Thanks for the love and pinning of the fancy Halloween treat bags I shared earlier this week. Y’all are the best!

Because I like simple and you like simple I made a fabric wrapped Halloween wreath that takes just minutes create. You’re welcome. I’m really digging this little glittery skull flower pin and might pull it off my wreath to wear on Halloween. Too weird?

Grab the DIY details below and happy Halloween decor crafting!

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